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Transforming EE into the most personal, customer-focused technology brand in the UK

EE will become the flagship brand for consumers and BT the flagship brand for businesses. 


UI/UX designer, Visual designer


March - May 2022

(2 months)


Figma, Adobe Photoshop, Mural, Slack, Teams


• 2x Content Designers

• 2x Developers 

• Product Owner

• User Researcher


BT is a telecommunications company that provides connectivity to its customers. It connects people to the internet through the latest full-fibre technology and next-generation 5G mobile network connected by EE, offering faster data download and upload speed.

In short, the BT Mobile handset range has been reducing over the last few months with more focus being put on our Best of Both propositions (EE mobile plans).

In this project, we revamped the user experience to highlight EE becoming the sole brand for consumers.

My Role

I'm the lead product designer for this project. I collaborated with content designers, product owner, user researcher and developers throughout this project. We work within multi-discipline product squads meaning we put the users is at the heart of everything.

Defining the problem 

How might we redesign a better experience for users to purchase a EE mobile plan on ?"

How might we best educate customers on the perfect partnership and the changes being made?

How might we best recover sales of BT handsets with EE mobile plans?


BT announced a new brand approach that sees EE become the flagship brand for consumers and BT the flagship brand for businesses. Creating the most personal, customer-focused technology brand in the UK.

The first step of this strategy is leading mobile plans connected via EE and removing BT handsets.

BT Group.Jpg


The shift in business strategy means that EE will be the flagship brand for the consumer. This means EE will sell products to the public for personal use and take over BT's mobile base. That is a problem because new customers will not able to buy BT mobile plans. 


  • Customers in the contract will be able to regrade via My BT app.

  • BT handsets will no longer be available for sale.

  • Customers out of contract or in the re-contracting window (-3 months to EOC) will not be able to upgrade to another BT handset. They will be able to upgrade to an EE contract.

Problem: Introduction of new brand partnership


Problem: Optimize current customer journeys 

Customer type : New customer

Screenshot 2022-05-01 at 16.07.26.png

Customer type : Existing customer

Screenshot 2022-05-01 at 16.07.26.png
Screenshot 2022-05-01 at 16.07.31.png

Customer type : Customer in upgrade window

Screenshot 2022-05-01 at 16.14.12.png

Problem: Removal of BT handsets 

BT handset range


Cleaner product cards to allow the offer to highlight the strength of the offer prominent pricing, no up front cost and merch shouts 

New upgrade journey for BT handset customers - fulfilled by CS to take them though setting up new EE plan 

Prominently promoting EE to customers with no BT relationship (today they only see BT handsets)

Clearly explaining the perfect partnership and why EE is the best choice for phones

The Discovery Process

At BT we use a Build, Measure, Learn (BML) approach to help us rapidly learn how we should achieve the desired outcome for customers. This approach encouraged us to answer the following questions:

  • “Should we?” — market fit

  • “How might we?” — problem fit

  • “Can they?” — usability fit

  • “Will they?” — behaviour & value fit

BML Canvas.jpg

As a squad, we are driven by user needs and all that we do is based on evidence. Instead of relying on assumptions, we made sure everything we create is meeting a validated user need and we keep users continuously involved in our process at all stages.

BML Canvas.jpg

Working with the user research we were able to discover the primary, secondary and tertiary user needs. There is a “Bank of User Needs” — a spreadsheet to store and share all the user needs that have been identified from research. Within my tribe, we already had identified lots of user needs from past generative research.

Bank of user needs.jpg

This led us our primary user need and business goal.


The Process

Page audit

Where we are today 

Initially, I and my squad did an audit of BT mobile and the relevant pages. Using Mural, we took screenshots and placed notes on each page. Next, we categorised the notes based on things that can need to be optimised. This helped us identify the pain points and the potential gain points where we can improve the user experience. We conducted design sprints to facilitate collaboration cross-departments. Content Designers, Trading Manager and Product Owner contributed their fresh ideas in this sprint. 

Key highlights:

Audit of the mobile space.jpg
Screenshot 2022-06-30 at 10.48.59.png

An example of something that needed to be removed was the BT handset range.

BT handset range

We mainly focused on the removal of BT handset range/Tablets and Hub but we also considered potential BT Sim changes. Once we agreed on the proposed changes we took into it Figma and started to implement the design changes.

User flows

We mapped out the key user journey for all customer types.

At the top, we have the current user flow. Below is the newly improved user flow.

User Flow - New to BT.jpg
User Flow - Has BT Broadband.jpg
User Flow - Upgrade journey.jpg


I sketched several designs to help me visualize ideas rapidly. My focus at this stage was to map out the hierarchy of the contents in the product card. Here are some early sketches of the product card.

Paper prototying product card.png

Competitor Analysis

I had a look at the competition to gain insight into their products and services. I planned to strip the product card down to the core. From this, I learned the main contents needed in the product card are: price, product name, data, product image and call-to-action.

Screenshot 2022-05-01 at 15.33.13.png
Screenshot 2022-05-01 at 15.35.04.png

Early designs

I designed a multitude of product cards for different use cases. I considered many different product variants: a new colour release or a gift included with purchase. For these product card variants, I referred to the brand system. 

The designs have gone through at least 25+ iterations. It is due to several reasons: Change in business direction and simply to improve the user experience. Along the way, we got more guidance from a parent squad working on product cards. As a result, we learnt the best way to approach a gift included with the purchase.

This product card aims to be the flagship product card. For this reason, I incorporated the primary colour effectively to give it a premium look and feel. This design contains key information and highlights the strength of the offering. 


We focused on the product card and addressed the balancing of the colours. The approach is to make sure that information is clear and readable for the users. This is done to highlight the significant info and highlights the strength of the offering. Another goal of mine was to meet WCAG 2.1 AA guidelines and strive for AAA wherever possible.

Screenshot 2022-06-23 at 14.09_edited.jpg
Screenshot 2022-06-23 at 14.29_edited.jpg

User testing 

To validate our designs we conducted user testing. We've tested the prototype with 5+ people in a controlled testing environment. Before the pandemic, we did this in person. Now, user testing is mainly done remotely. Due to the sensitivity of the project, we recruited internal employees who were under NDA and however weren’t aware of the changes being made in BT mobile.

Research objective: Do customers understand the partnership between BT and EE?

User testing in live .jpg

Key 3 themes learned from user testing

1 / Having a filter option was appreciated 

Majority of participants listed they will filter by : Cost, data plan, brand and 5G enabled.

2 / Clear understanding of the perfect partnership

All participants understood why they could no longer purchase BT plans however now able to purchase EE mobile plans.

3 / Handset and mobile differentation was confusing

Some participants were confused about the different terminology and wanted to know the difference. As a result we used the word mobile as the key word. 

Final Designs

Here's a detailed walkthrough of the revamped experience.

Major re-design of our product cards 

Before the redesign, the product cards were cluttered and lacked clear branding. Now, EE has a fresh new modern look and a better user experience. It has clear merch shouts and pricing information.

Product Card - Before & After.jpg

New branding highlighting BT & EE's powerful partnership 

The content you see is now more relevant. The hero banner showcases both brands together side by side and the content follows "BT & EE - one powerful partnership." The modal educates users about the partnership and highlights how customers can reap the benefits of both brands. 

OPP and modal .jpg

The Fastest. The Most Reliable. The Best.

I introduced the gaming benefit as it aligns with the Fibre and Gaming propositions across the BT site, it’s also of importance to households which children who are gamers. This clearly explains why EE is the best network.

Why EE V2.jpg

A huge amount of other little changes around the mobile pages



  • 29% Traffic mix uplift from BT Mobile to BoB devices (EE deals)

  • 51% conversion uplift

  • 37% order volume uplift

  • 105% of BT Handsets (HS) vol has been recovered via BoB devices (EE deals)

image001 (1).png

What we learned

Take it one phase at a time

We learned to break down complicated designs into small, manageable Jira tickets. This eases development and handles bugs as we go along.

Redirect old urls

With a major user experience revamp, our internal processes are affected. For example, some of the old product details pages still existed on search. For that reason, we had to get in touch with the SEO team and redirect the user to the new relevant pages.

Future steps

Due Diligence

For a project of this scale, we will check the experience on all platforms (desktop/tablet/mobile) to ensure for bug less release.

Post incremental review 

This is a crucial next step for every UX improvement or product launch. With informed, actionable insights, we can design a better experience for our consumers.

Countdown timer

Next step we are developing a countdown timer to deploy on the iPhone 11 and iPhone SE to highlight the latest sale price and further drive conversion.

Thank you for reading through! Hope you enjoyed learning about my design process.

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