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Increase the uptake of Full Fibre products

Free upgrade from Fibre 2 to Full Fibre 100 broadband package


UI/UX designer


December - Jan 2022

(2 months)


Figma, Mural, Slack, Teams


• Content Designer

• Product Designer

• Developer

• Product Owner


BT is a telecommunications company that provides connectivity to its customers. It connects people to the internet through the latest full-fibre technology and next-generation 5G mobile network connected by EE, offering faster data download and upload speed.

In this project, I successfully created a new digital experience providing value for customers incentivising Fibre 2 package and uplifting Full Fibre volume.

My Role

I facilitated the creative workshop and I led the design from end to end. I collaborated with another product designer, content designer, product owner and developer throughout this project.

Defining the problem 

How might we support our FTTC (fibre to the cabinet) only customers to shop our fibre 2 product by promising an upgrade to full-fibre when becomes available to them, so that as a business we can improve the conversion rate of our fibre 2 product at the same time as providing awareness of our full-fibre products using this upgrade incentive?


Today BT's Full Fibre (the next generation of broadband) is available to only 15% of the UK population however continues to expand. To capture the remaining percentage, the full fibre promise is launched to target customers in non-Full Fibre (FTTC) areas promising a free upgrade to Full Fibre (FTTP) when available.


Customers in Early/mid-contract and don’t want to recontract (additional 24 months)

Different sign-up and installation process for FTTP

Customers not aware of Full Fibre and how it’s different

Customers must pay more to get FF100 vs FTTC


Fibre (FTTC) - FTTC uses fibre cables to deliver the internet to your local street cabinet, but after that it uses slow copper cables to reach your home.


Full fibre (FTTP) - FTTP works the same way, only instead of using slow copper cables from the cabinet to your home, it uses fibre cables instead. FTTP is capable of far higher speeds and typically also offers symmetrical speeds where your upload speed is the same as your download speed.



Communicate Full Fibre Promise value proposition

Improve the conversion rate of our fibre 2 product

Increase the awareness of Full fibre for FTTC customers before it arrives

The Discovery Process

At BT we use a Build, Measure, Learn (BML) approach to help us rapidly learn how we should achieve the desired outcome for customers. This approach encouraged us to answer the following questions:

  • “Should we?” — market fit

  • “How might we?” — problem fit

  • “Can they?” — usability fit

  • “Will they?” — behaviour & value fit

BML Canvas.jpg

As a squad, we are driven by user needs and all that we do is based on evidence. Instead of relying on assumptions, we made sure everything we create is meeting a validated user need and we keep users continuously involved in our process at all stages.

BML Canvas.jpg

Working with the user research we were able to discover the primary, secondary and tertiary user needs. There is a “Bank of User Needs” — a spreadsheet to store and share all the user needs that have been identified from research. Within my tribe, we already had identified lots of user needs from past generative research.


This led us our primary user need and business goal.

FF-Speed-Boost-Prop-•-BT-Group-Workspace (1).png

Build.Measure.Learn. Canvas

The Process

Where we are today 

Depending on where you live in the UK, impacts what type of broadband connection you can get. The user will enter their postcode and get back a selection of available speed packages. This example below demonstrates the user lives in an FTTC area therefore the download speed they can expect to receive is between 71-73MB. We started to ideate how we best showcase the full fibre proposition on the fibre 2 product card. We took into consideration the limited space of the product card and how best we could create a good user experience.

FTTC BT Centre crop.jpg

Crazy's 8 workshop

I conducted a creative sketching workshop with the squad to create multiple distinct ideas. In this process, we mainly focused on fibre 2 product card and how we could signpost the exclusive proposition to new and existing customers. From this, we moved into the ideation phase and created different variations. These would help define the right experience and interactions in the wireframing and mockup phrase. Using mural as our collaboration workshop, we shared ideas and dot voted the best ones.

Crazy 8's Squad Sketch.jpg

High fidelity designs

I then turned these early ideas into high fidelity designs. I experimented with the placement of the new proposition.

High Fidelity Designs.jpg

Customer Journey

I encouraged the team to map the experience across BT's customer journey. As this journey had many different touch points and channels the customer journey were an important part of our process. For customers, they’ll see Full Fibre Promise merchandised in all channels and will get reminders of the process ahead of opting-in once FTTP arrives.

Screenshot 2022-06-27 at 18.10.08.png

Final Designs

Updated Fibre 2 Product card

Fibre 2 product card includes a merch shout producing an exclusive feeling. In addition ' What's the Full Fibre Promise ' is featured in the description functions as a tooltip that reveals more information. The importance of the tooltip helps the product card become digestible and easy to read. All these new elements work together to create a great user experience calling out the full fibre promise


New Faq's to address user questions and concerns 

Knowing Faq's is the most common place users navigate to find out more it is important to include additional information. It educates users about the full fibre promise and describes it in more detail.

Group 470.jpg
Full Fibre Promise Faq's


Since the campaign launched, 1522 customers have been targeted. Within 30 days of being contacted, 190 customers have migrated to Full Fibre 100, at a conversion rate of 12.5%.

Future steps

Full Fibre Promise available on Fibre Essential, Fibre 1 and Fibre 2

Working on core objective of driving incremental regrade volume to Full Fibre. Users will now be future proofed with BT and we’ll get the best broadband network with access to up to 900mb.

To maintain and update the deals page 

We will ensure information such as offered deals, are up to date.

Thank you for reading through! Hope you enjoyed learning about my design process.

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